As a man who moves a mile a minute, Bruce is constantly building and releasing new projects into the world. One of his most cherished projects currently is his EcoHarmony Kin’s Communities. The Kin’s Domains are close-knit environmentally driven communities based on spiritual principles and sustainable agriculture.

Eco-villages support a lifestyle that can easily be maintained in future. Life in eco-villages is organized in a way that allows successful and long-term self-sustainability for many generations. It also minimizes the environmental footprint of the individual. The villages are models of sustainability and a practical example of taking immediate measures.

These communities are effectively opposing the degradation of social, ecological, and spiritual milieus. The increasing desire of many individuals and groups to live sustainably is a clear sign that people need to be given the possibility of living in eco-villages. Forming such villages should be undertaken in the spirit of research, and in support of the development of families that wish to secure the quality of life on Earth for generations to come, by living close to nature.

All eco-villages and its inhabitants bring many benefits to the area. They fill the vacuum in the abandoned villages, manage the cultural landscapes, improve demographic situations in the region, and add new worth to the community (i.e. tourism, agriculture, crafts, services etc.). The residents of eco-villages are environmentally aware, educated and creative people.

Kin’s domain settlements are a new step in eco-village development. They share some elements with general eco-villages: eco-building, recycling and reduction of waste materials, organic food production, use of renewable energy sources, alternative social and economic models and artistic expressions, etc. Kin’s domain settlement is a type of eco-village that ensures upbringing of future generations of families in safe, healthy social and natural environment. They preserve natural heritage while taking into account cultural tradition and the knowledge of our ancestors for many ages. Read more here

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