“Bruce Perlowin was an entrepreneur of a different kind. He used his organizational genius and business acumen to build the biggest and most sophisticated marijuana smuggling empire in California history.” The San Diego Union – “Not Your Usual Entrepreneur.”

“Bruce J. Perlowin is a low-key personable man who doesn’t seem to fit the stereotype of a big time drug smuggler.” The Ukiah Daily Journal – “Drug Kingpin Details Smuggling Conspiracy”.

“Perlowin … a bespectacled, studious and mild-mannered man … looks more like Mr. Peepers than one of the world’s largest drug dealers.” The Berkeley Monthly – “The King of Pot”

Running a world wide smuggling empire was getting a bit stressful and after awhile I sort of became a slave to my business and lost touch with more meaningful things in life. During this year I started getting back into yoga and meditation which was the opposite of the quick paced fast life I was living. I began to crave the more relaxed innocent days of my youth and this helped me become more balanced and closer to nature and things that were more important than just making millions of dollars.

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