I was born in Philadelphia which historically it was in this city that some of the ideas, and subsequent actions, gave birth to the American Revolution and American Independence, making Philadelphia a centerpiece of early American history. Born five and a half years after the end or World War II, I was one of the 76 million post war “Baby Boomers” which later made up the “Hippie Generation”.

I am an Aquarian which is interesting since Aquarian is the water bearer and today Energy Wellness Water is one of the companies I own and I market healthy water and healthy energy drinks. The Age of Aquarius is still something I envision as a reality one day and my optimistic ideals are still intact and still working towards making a better world. A few years after I was born my family moved to Miami and I ended up living right down the block from where first Norland Elementary School was built and later Norland Junior High and Norland Senior High was built. So I went to Norland from 1st through 12th grade.


February 17, 1951

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